SNK B-35 (L) Automated Ultrasonic and Eddy Current System for Mill Roll Testing

Newly manufactured mill rolls are tested after surface semi-finishing and finishing processes. Rolls returning to the roll shop for service are repaired according to the inspection results.

The inspection system employs a combination of the ultrasonic and eddy current technology, which produces a synergetic effect, enhancing flaw detectability and defect classification.

Key features:

  • intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • online display of the scanner position in the real coordinate system of the grinding machine;
  • automatic splitting of the roll into test zones;
  • automatic generation of AVG-diagrams for each zone taking account of the attenuation rate;
  • determining the level of the bottom echo signal drop below the fixation level for each zone;
  • 3D view: full representation of the roll that visualizes the spatial location of defects within it;
  • automatic couplant supply;
  • automated accept / reject decisions in compliance with the regulatory requirements;
  • remote online technical assistance service and technical support programs.




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