AS2083 Calibration Block (IOW Type 2 Block)

AS2083 Calibration Block no. 2, IOW Type 2 Block is designed for the beam profile measurement and probe angle of the angle beam transducers (also called Beam Calibration Block). The Block is Australian Standard AS2083 and British Standard 2704* compliant.

Sensitivity Calibration Block (SC Block)

SC Block is designed for shear ultrasonic waves sensitivity calibration. It is presented with the engineering plastic storage case. The SC Block is ASTM E164 and BRR/AWS standards compliant.

Notched Calibration Block for thickness gauging

The Notched Calibration Block (having plane angular reflectors) is designed for setting up the scan duration and sensitivity of flaw detectors used with the single crystal angle beam probes during the testing of the plate and tube products.

KMT-176 M2 Set of the Ultrasonic Plane-Parallel Thickness Standards (KUSOT-180)

KMT-176 M2 Set of the Ultrasonic Plane-Parallel Thickness Standards (KUSOT-180) is designed for certification and primary checking of the contact ultrasonic thickness gauges at the manufacturing site with the thickness range of 0.6-300 mm in steel and 1-300 mm in duraluminum, as well as for the periodic verification of these thickness gauges.

Step Calibration Block

Step Calibration Block is used for tuning and setting of the ultrasonic thickness gauges.

V2 Ultrasonic Calibration Block

V2 Calibration Block is designed for verification of the ultrasonic flaw detectors used in the course of welded joints quality control by the UT method. It is DSTU 4002-2000 (ISO 7963, В.S.2704) compliant.

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