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OKOndt GROUP's expert teaches to work with the ultrasonic double rail flaw detector UDS2-73 — practical training for the customer from Turkey, summer 2020

Turkey, August 2020 — training for a client on how to operate ultrasonic double rail flaw detector UDS2-73

When supplying NDT equipment to the foreign customers, OKOndt GROUP also provides on-site training services upon customer's request. In August 2020 the training on how to work with the ultrasonic double rail flaw detector UDS2-73 was held for a Turkish company, practical part of which included rail testing sessions both at day and at night. Keeping all required precautions, the entire planned program was completed. In the process of training, the trolley could detect the defects of the running surface of rails and in welds, and, on the customer's request, OKOndt offered a USR-01 kit - equipment designed specially for this rail bed section testing.

Speeker's keynote at the Conference Non-destructive Testing and Monitoring of Technical Condition — 2020

Odessa, Conference and Exhibition on Non-destructive Testing and Monitoring of Technical Condition — 2020

NDT specialists had the opportunity to meet again, get acquainted with the results of new research, discuss vital issues of the industry. UkrSRINDT — a scientific center of OKOndt Group — was the General sponsor of the International Conference Non-destructive Testing and Monitoring of Technical Condition which is annually held early Fall in Odessa. This year, despite some forced restrictions, the organizers still managed to arrange both the conference and exhibition at a high level. The participants could watch presentations of the automated and mechanized NDT equipment such as OKOSCAN UT73HS, SMARTSCAN, UDS2-77 and UDS2-73 and others, as well as learn multi-purpose portable flaw detectors, probes and calibration blocks for them.

Illustrative explanation of ultrasonic probes operation of the single rail flaw detector UDS2-77 — OKOndt GROUP's expert teaches the customer from Italy, November 2019

Trip to Italy — a customer gets trained how to operate ultrasonic single rail flaw detector UDS2-77

OKOndt GROUP's specialists carried out one more on-site training — this time in Italy, at the office of IMG Ultrasuoni Srl company teaching the customer's staff how to perform flaw detection with the help of single rail ultrasonic trolley UDS2-77. In the process of training, the device's structure and design, software were explained in details, special attention was paid to the information display modes and testing results analysis. During the practical part the customer's specialists were taught to operate the flaw detector detecting the flaws on a rail sample.

Delegates of OKOndt GROUP came to ASNT-19 - a traditional annual Conference and Exhibition of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, November, Las Vegas

OKOndt Group's NDT equipment at ASNT Annual Conference-2019

Traditional Annual Conference and Exhibition of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing took place on November 18-20, 2019 in Las Vegas. OKOndt Group brought portable ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, rail testing and rail joints testing equipment - the UDS2-77 trolley and the USR-01 scanner, Wireless System for pipe welds testing TOFD-Man. Products of OKOndt aroused great interest among the participants and attendees of the forum. ASNT-19 was a success bringing many contacts with potential buyers and partners.

OKOndt Group's specialist perform the setting of the automated aircraft wheels testing system SmartScan, South Korea, customer's office, 2019

Modernized System for automated aircraft wheel testing SMARTSCAN-FA arrived and set to work in South Korea!

A unique product developed by OKOndt GROUP designed for testing both small and heavy aircraft wheels - SMARTSCAN-FA - has been delivered to the customer. The specialists of our company arrived to the Naval Logistics Command R.O.K. (the Navy of the Republic of Korea) office in order to perform installation and commissioning works and carry out the training for the Customer’s technical staff on how to operate the System. The Buyer performs aircraft wheels testing on a daily basis, so this possibility to automate the process will greatly facilitate the task. Using SMARTSCAN-FA you are always sure that no flaw remains undetected!

The personnel of the customer company tries to independently test the rails with the ultrasonic flaw detector UDS2-77 — educational training held by OKOndt Group in the USA, September 2019

Operational training for the US customer – seminar on OKOndt GROUP rail and rail welded joints testing equipment – the flaw detector UDS2-77 and the USR-01 kit

In September 2019, directly after participation in Railway Interchange-2019, the largest railway forum in North America, the specialists of OKOndt GROUP went to Miami where a practical seminar for the client had been scheduled. Technical staff of Gonzales & Sons, American company, after the purchase of a single rail flaw detector UDS2-77 and a set for rail welds testing USR-01 from OKOndt GROUP needed a training on how to operate the devices. Engineers of OKOndt held both theoretical and practical sessions, our partners tried to work with tools by themselves and stayed satisfied with the results. Specialists of our company promised to conduct further consultations upon request.

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