The product portfolio of OKOndt GROUP includes an extensive range of NDT solutions employing a variety of test methods and techniques: Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Electromagnetic Acoustic Testing. Our companies also produce automated inspection systems that combine several NDT techniques making the inspection process as efficient as it can be.

Ultrasonic flaw detectors are intended for locating and sizing surface and subsurface defects in raw materials and finished items as well as detecting discontinuities in riveted, soldered, welded and other types of joints.


Ultrasonic testing
Eddy current testing
Electromagnetic acoustic testing
Automated testing

Ultrasonic inspection is also used for measuring the thickness of materials and determining their properties on the basis of sound velocity and attenuation measurements. This technique is utilized in ultrasonic thickness gauges.

Eddy current flaw detectors are intended for testing parts and components made of conductive materials for the presence of surface and near-surface defects.

Automated inspection systems empower the inspection process by increasing the speed, accuracy and precision.

Our standard kits include all the necessary transducers, cables, calibration blocks to help you reconfigure the product for all common applications.

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