Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic Inspection System

The System utilizes fluorescent-magnetic technique for detecting surface defects and ultrasonic technique for detecting surface and sub-surface defects in railway wheels. Tested wheels return to the finished product acceptance stand.

Key Features:

  • code compliance: EN 13262, ISO 6933, ААR M107, DIN EN ISO-9934-1,2,3;
  • high throughput:
    • the test productivity for machined locomotive wheels with outer diameter of the rolling circle up to 1350 mm is 10–20 wheels/hour, depending on the product size range and specific standard requirements;
    • the test productivity for machined freight car wheels with Ø28"÷ 43" is 20–25 wheels/hour;
  • communication of data results to the server of the inspection station with subsequent test report generation.




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