OKOSCAN 73HS High-Speed Rail Testing System 

The OKOSCAN 73HS System is a cost-effective NDT solution for automated rail track inspection, which allows reliably locating all types of fatal defects, including transverse and longitudinal horizontal cracks, cracks originating from bolt holes, etc. The System operates at a speed of up to 40 km/h (25 miles).

The System consists of:

  • a flaw detection trolley
  • 4 wheel probes
  • OKO-24 ultrasonic modules (24 pcs minimum)
  • an encoder
  • a PC with special-purpose application software.
Trolley (carriage) of the high-speed rail inspection system OKOSCAN 73HS
  • Trolley (Carriage)

The inspection trolley carries the wheel probes ensuring their positioning and movement along the rail axis. The trolley automatically adjusts to the gauge type (track width).

Track inspection trolley advantages:

  • testing curves with a radius of less than 200 m (at a lower testing speed – of no less than 120 m);
  • prompt automatic gauge type adjustment; 
  • easy maintenance;
  • controlling the suspension system (cant).
  • Wheel probes


The OKOSCAN 73HS System incorporates four (4) wheel probes, each comprising:

  • three 70-degree transducers, 2 MHz
  • one 50-degree transducer, 2 MHz
  • one 37-degree transducer, 2 MHz
  • one 0-degree transducer, 4 MHz
Wheel probe of the high-speed rail inspection system OKOSCAN 73HS
  • Ultrasonic modules


The OKOSCAN 73HS System employs OKO-24 single-channel ultrasonic modules with a frequency range from 1 to 7 MHz and initial pulse sending frequency of up to 4 kHz.

The modules can be mounted:

  1. Directly on the trolley. The positioning option offers better protection against interference, shorter length of wheel probe connection cables, data transmission through the Ethernet cable.
  2. In the vehicle. With this positioning option, there is no additional load on the trolley, and its weight is decreased, while the ultrasonic modules remain safe from exposure to climatic conditions impact.
  • Special-purpose application software

The special-purpose application software ensures the high-performance of the System. The software includes:

SW for the channel parameters setup of the high-speed rail inspection system OKOSCAN 73HS

SW for the channel parameters setup 

SW for testing, analysis of the test results and review of the high-speed rail inspection system OKOSCAN 73HS

SW for testing, review and analysis of the test results.


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